Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Welcome to my blog of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese for Children

I have started teaching Mandarin Chinese to children from age 4 onwards in South Dublin / North Bray since Sept. 2009 and am still on a learning curve. Throught this blog, I hope not only to share my knowledge and experiences about teaching Mandarin Chinese to Children with others but also to communicate to the parents and pupils.

My aim is to encourage our next generation to have the interests in the Chinese culture and to have the ability to listen, to speak, to read, to type and to write in Mandarin Chinese. I personally think this language skill set will be my best present I could ever give to my own children (they are aged 4 and 6, both bilingual). Who knows, our children may even be able to get a great mark for the HSK, hanyu shuiping kaoshi (China) or TOP, test of proficiency-huayu (Taiwan).

My teaching methods are through play, singing, dancing, games and different activities to make learning Mandarin Chinese fun and easy for our children. I want to make it as much child/student centred as possible because each child is different and so is their learning styles.

I look forward to building up this blog and any suggestions and advice would be very much appreciated.