Saturday, 16 March 2019

台灣電音三太子在愛爾蘭的表演 Taiwan's Third Prince Performance in Ireland for the St Patrick's day celebration 2019

I am very excited to tell you that Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese is proud to present our popular idol NeZha (The Third Prince) at the St Patrick's parades on the Ray D'Arcy show tonight and in the St Patrick's Festival in Bray tomorrow.

The Third Prince is an important symbol of Taiwan's "cultural diversity." in the past 400 years.  He was originally a deity in Indian Buddhism and later became an important idol within Daoism;  He's popular due to many reasons, his literary personality of rebellion & freedom and his cute appearance and energetic dance that are influenced by Japanese comic culture and American Street dance.  
The Third Prince participates in the St Patrick's Parade in the hope to promote the sharing of the rich cultural traditions of the two islands, Taiwan and Ireland.

We would like to express our gratitude towards the 5 hard working Third Princes who trained tirelessly for these performances: Rian O'Loughlin, Matt Wu, Jason Liao, Ken Peng and Derry Yeh. 

This project is sponsored by Taiwan overseas community affair council, Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese and the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Saint Patrick's Day crafts 聖派翠克節 Shèng pài cuì kè jié

It is so nice to have something to celebrate about as we always sparks new ideas from each one of the different festivals.  Sunday is the annual national holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick's Day, the whole world is honoring this festival by turning green!  We have no choice but to follow the tradition. :-)
We have made some leprechaun (綠色精靈 Lǜsè jīnglíng) with dough and the origami lucky clover, lead by our classroom assistant.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

#ChineseNewYear collage project

January has always been students' favorite month of the year as they get to take on the traditional arts and crafts each week!  Our #ChineseNewYear  curriculum in 2019 was as below:
Week 1
Chinese New Year song (12 zodiac)
Story telling & game
CNY collage project 1
Chinese painting – pig 2019 and 招財進寶 (bring in the fortune and treasure)

Week 2
Chinese New Year song (恭喜Gongxi)
CNY collage project 2
Paper cutting – 立體春 3D spring + 鞭炮 (peanut form) +春錢 spring (save) money

Week 3
Chinese New Year song
CNY collage project 3
小豬捏面人 dough figurine (pig of course)

Week 4
CNY collage project 4
小豬紅包/小豬摺紙 Piggy origami and piggy red pocket

Week 5
Party & feast
Practice chopsticks and fortune cookies challenge
Radish year cake (蘿蔔糕) and fortune cake (發糕)workshop
CNY Prezi presentation and feast
Table quiz  and the winning team get 大紅包(big fat red envelops)

說吉祥話你拿紅包Lucky greetings and receive red envelops

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Christmas Arts & Crafts 2018

Tis the season, we have started making homemade Christmas cards before the last posting date to Asia is due. We are combining the eastern crafts such as origami, Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting and dough figurines with the western holiday.  You shall be so lucky to receive one of these.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

What phrases with 鬼 gui (ghost) in Chinese are silly, funny and rude? 😜

Learn some silly phrases that are associated with 鬼 gui (ghost) this Halloween.

死鬼 (dead ghost, often refer to husband as "honey" )
小鬼 (little ghost, often refer to children )
鬼話 (ghost speech, often refer to gibberish)
膽小鬼 (gallbladder small ghost, coward)
鬼佬 (ghost fellow, refer to pale looking foreigner)
吸血鬼 (sucking blood ghost, blood sucking vampire)
鬼臉 (ghost face, refer to funny faces)
鬼牌 (ghost card, joker in the poker cards)
見鬼 (saw ghost, nonsense, bullshit)

Here're some bingo templates.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Kids, you can carve a pumpkin in just a few seconds!

Thanks to the #QuiverVision app, we spent the last few minutes in class for this clever and quick pumpkin carving activity, kids also get to practice saying Halloween "Wan Sheng Jie" in Chinese.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Living Mandarin App is now available for Book 1-3

We have been using these wonderful text books #LivingMandarin published by The great news is that the learning app is available for book 1-3 now and free to download for the next few days! Don't miss out!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Monday, 13 August 2018

The enrollment for Sept 2018-2019 is starting now.

Would you or your child like to learn something new?  Are you wondering if language is your thing?  Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese is enrolling now for September.  Please sign up here
Thank you. 謝謝  xiè xiè.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

#SoundMapping short story 8 - Zhu

Here we go for #SoundMapping short story 8 - zhu. The sounds are randomly picked by our story teller. We are recruiting more learners for our free pilot programme, please spread the words. Sign up here.

There was a pig lived in a bamboo plot, its owner cooked spiders to feed it and caused the pig to have tooth decay.  The owner helped it to make a new tooth with pearl.


yǒu yī zhī zhū zhù zài zhú yuán ,tā de zhǔ rén zhǔ zhī zhū gěi tā chī hài tā zhù yá ,zhǔ rén yòng zhēn zhū bāng zhù tā zuò xīn yá chǐ 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

#SoundMapping short story 7 - yin

Here we go for #SoundMapping short story 7 - yin. The sounds are randomly picked by our story teller. We are recruiting more learners for our free pilot programme, please spread the words. Sign up here.

dad is addicted to soft drinks and music. His bank manager told him on a cloudy day to ignite the seal because it will stop the addiction.
bà bà duì yǐn liào hé yīn yuè shàng yǐn ,tā de yín háng jīng lǐ jiào tā zài yīn tiān yǐn bào yìn zhāng yīn wéi huì jiè yǐn 
拼音 英文
飲料 yǐn liào  soft drinks
音樂 yīn yuè  music
上癮 shàng yǐn  addicted
銀行 yín háng  bank
陰天 yīn tiān  cloudy day
引爆 yǐn bào  ignite
印章 yìn zhāng  seal
因為 yīn wéi  Because

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

#SoundMapping short story 6 - feng

On a windy summit, a bee saw a crazy person dressed as a pheonix who was sewing a maple leaf to his sack, then he sealed it.
zài yī gè fēng dà de shān fēng shàng ,mì fēng kàn dào fā fēng de rén bàn chéng fèng huáng zài yòng fēng yè féng tā de bù dài ,zài fēng qǐ lái 。
    拼音 英文
1 fēng  風大 fēng dà  windy
2 fēng  山峰 shān fēng  summit
3 fēng  蜜蜂 mì fēng  bee
4 fēng  發瘋 fā fēng  crazy
5 fèng  鳳凰 fèng huáng  phoenix
6 fēng  楓葉 fēng yè  maple leaf
7 féng  féng  sew
8 fēng  fēng  seal

Saturday, 21 July 2018

#SoundMapping short story 5 - Song

In Song dynasty, a squirrel was praising the high mountain on a high pine tree, a pine marten delivered a losely tied gift, the squirrel opened it and was horrified to find cutlery inside.


zài sòng cháo ,yǒu yī zhī sōng shǔ zài gāo sǒng de sōng shù shàng gē sòng sōng shān ,sōng diāo sòng lái yī gè sòng bǎng de lǐ wù ,sōng shǔ jīng sǒng de dǎ kāi ,fā xiàn dāo chā zài lǐ miàn 

拼音 英文
1 sòng 宋朝 sòng cháo Song dynasty
2 sōng 松鼠 sōng shǔ squirrel
3 sǒng 高聳 gāo sǒng towering
4 sōng 松樹 sōng shù pine tree
5 sòng 歌頌 gē sòng praise
6 sōng 嵩山 sōng shān high mountain
7 sōng 松貂 sōng diāo pine marten
8 sòng 送來 sòng lái give, deliver
9 sòng 鬆綁 sòng bǎng lose, flaky
10 sǒng 驚悚 jīng sǒng horrify

Monday, 16 July 2018

#SoundMapping short story 4 - pa

Dad brought some loquats and braised meat to mountain climbing.  He over heard a pickpocket say that he had stolen a Pipa, he fearfully wraped the loquat in his handkerchief and lied on his stomach in a pile of raked grass.
bà bà dài pí pá hé pā ròu qù pá shān ,lù shàng tā tīng dào pá shǒu shuō tōu le bié rén de pí pá ,tā hài pà de yòng shǒu pà bāo tā de pí pá ,pā zài pá cǎo duī lǐ 。

Thursday, 12 July 2018

#SoundMapping short story 3 - fa

Ready for our 3rd #SoundMapping short story? 
Here we go - fa.
1 fà 髮 fà hair
2 fǎ 法 法國人 fǎ guó rén Franch
3 fā 發 發呆 fā dāi daydreaming
4 fà 琺 琺瑯杯 fà láng bēi cloisonne cup
5 fá 筏 竹筏 zhú fá bamboo raft
6 fá 罰 罰 fá punishment
7 fá 伐 伐木 fá mù cut tree
8 fá 筏 木筏 mù fá raft
There was a red haired French eating in a restaurant, a daydreaming waiter accidently spilled the soup from a cloisonne cup to the bamboo raft. The boss very angrily told him to chop trees at the back and make a new raft as a punishment.
yǒu yī gè hóng fà de fǎ guó rén zài cān tīng chī fàn ,yī gè fā dāi de fú wù shēng bù xiǎo xīn bǎ fà láng bēi lǐ de tāng dào chū lái zài zhú fá shàng 。lǎo bǎn hěn shēng qì de fá tā qù hòu miàn fá mù zuò mù fá 

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

#SoundMapping short stories 2 - ma

Exciting news! DSMC and its team have created an innovative way of learning Chinese - #SoundMapping short stories. We are looking for learners to take part in this free pilot programme of this new methodology. Sign up here.

The first sound we introduced was ba. Here's the second - ma.
1 mā 媽 媽媽 mā mā mom
2 mǎ 碼 碼頭 mǎ tóu pier
3 má 麻 麻辣 má là spicy
4 mǎ 螞 螞蟻 mǎ yǐ ant
5 mà 罵 mà give out
6 má 嘛 幹嘛 gàn má what!
7 má 蟆 蛤蟆 há má toad
8 ma 嗎 ma question particle
9 mǎ 馬 馬上 mǎ shàng horse / instantly
10 mǎ 瑪 瑪瑙 mǎ nǎo agate
Mom went to a pier restaurant to eat the spicy hotpot, there were ants in the hotpot. She gave out to the chef: What! Are you a toad? The chef instantly gave her a new pot, mom was happy as she found an agate inside.
媽媽去碼頭餐廳吃麻辣火鍋, 火鍋裡有螞蟻。他罵廚師:幹嘛!你是蛤蟆嗎? 廚師馬上給他一鍋新的火鍋,媽媽開心的找到一個瑪瑙。
mā mā qù mǎ tóu cān tīng chī má là huǒ guō , huǒ guō lǐ yǒu mǎ yǐ 。tā mà chú shī :gàn má !nǐ shì há má ma ? chú shī mǎ shàng gěi tā yī guō xīn de huǒ guō ,mā mā kāi xīn de zhǎo dào yī gè mǎ nǎo 。

Monday, 9 July 2018

Exciting news! DSMC and its team have created an innovative way of learning Chinese - #SoundMapping short stories. We are looking for learners to take part in this free pilot programme of this new methodology. Sign up:

Monday, 2 July 2018

If you are teaching Chinese in Ireland, please support and sign the petition via in aiming to get official recognition of Chinese as a subject by the teaching council of Ireland. Thank you for supporting the petition.

Teaching Council/Department of Education to recognise Chinese language as a subject

China has a population of over 1.35 billion, the potential consumer market in China offers enormous opportunities for enterprises around the world.  China is not the only country in which Chinese (AKA Mandarin) is the official language. Countries such as Singapore and Taiwan which have a combined population of 36 million also speak Chinese as their official language. Furthermore, 80% of the Japanese characters (Kanji) express the same meanings as Chinese. Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world in 2017. Taiwan and Singapore which ranked 22nd and 40th respectively (World GDP ranking, 2017).

Five English speaking countries (UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) have established the importance of learning Chinese for decades. It has been ten years since the first post-primary school in Ireland took on a Chinese course. Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education was published in December 2017 and prioritises Chinese in the implementation plan.  The teaching council in Ireland is currently registering 98,000 teachers in 37 subjects annually. However, Chinese has not yet been a recognised subject.

This petition is aiming to get official recognition of Chinese as a subject by the teaching council of Ireland in order to get as many teachers teaching Chinese as a subject in all areas such as primary, post-primary, private, extra curriculum and Chinese heritage schools as possible.


五个英语系国家(英国,美国,澳大利亚,纽西兰和加拿大)已经公认学习中文的重要性几十年了。爱尔兰第一所中学开办中文课程已经有十年了。爱尔兰的外语教育策略于2017年12月发布,中文在实施计划中占首项。 爱尔兰教学委员会目前每年由37个科目注册98,000名教师。不过,中文课程还未被认可。



五個英語系國家(英國,美國,澳大利亞,紐西蘭和加拿大)已經公認學習中文的重要性幾十年了。愛爾蘭第一所中學開辦中文課程已經有十年了。愛爾蘭的外語教育策略于2017年12月發布,中文在實施計劃中占首項。 愛爾蘭教學委員會目前每年由37個科目注冊98,000名教師。不過,中文課程還未被認可。