Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese enrolment 2013/2014

We hope you had a brilliant summer either away or at home! Only if I can wish that we have this kind of fabulous summer every year!

Here’re the classes:
Monday 1530-1730: 1st year’s children (Living Mandarin 1)
Tuesday 1530-1730: 2nd year’s children (Living Mandarin 2)
Wednesday 1530-1730: 3rd+ years’ children (Living Mandarin 3)
Thursday 1600-1730: Older children (Speak Mandarin in 1000 words)

Online registration by Mon 9th Sept


Text book:
Living Mandarin
Speak Mandarin in 1000 words

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ah let the fun begin.....

Photos from our first week of summer camp.
More available from our Facebook page and please like our Facebook page too while you are there!
Summer camp photos (1st week)
Summer camp photos (2nd week)