Saturday, 30 May 2020

A different kind of end of the year

We just had our very first virtual end of the academic year party and disappointingly, this is not what we have expected to celebrate our tenth anniversary.  There’re so much elements were missing.  There’s no nice food, no workshops, no stage for students, no chitchat with parents and no hugs.  We also missed patting kids’ heads or shoulders.
We want to express our gratitude toward parents, students and teachers for all they have done. 謝謝 谢谢Xièxiè.  Wish everyone a very good summer and hope to see you in September.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

都柏林中文學校上課進度不受新冠肺炎影響 #Covid-19

二月二十八日媒體報導第一個新冠肺炎案例進口到愛爾蘭.  愛爾蘭總理 Leo Varadkar 在三月十二日宣布,當日將關閉所有公私立學校,托兒所, 幼稚園以及成人教育和高等教育等機構,直至三月二十九日,以支持遏制Covid-19新冠肺炎擴散的努力。又在三月二十日宣布學校等機構繼續關閉到復活節假期後(四月十九日), 以符合國家公共衛生應急小組的建議。

都柏林中文學校為了減少對教與學的影響,我們停課兩個週六並給予學生家庭作業後決定繼續學校計劃課程. 利用科技產品提供在線課程已經實施兩個週六並受到學生及家長的好評。於是大家都贊成在復活節的兩個周六假期用網路方式補課.  我們在線上上課所用到產品有: Zoom, Padlet, Kahoot, Quizlet live, Powerpoint YouTube.

有許多傳聞表示愛爾蘭的教育部很可能會趨向跟進英國的法令, 停課到九月.  本校以目前網路上課的標準來看, 繼續到暑假是沒什麼問題.  唯一遺憾的是我們的文化課程佔相當於三分之二的課, 而無法利用網路上課. 故我們有待加強學習對這方面的教與學.

Thanks to the #LongCreations for creating this wonderful #Covid-19 Capsule worksheets.
I have added in Chinese for some of the pages for our pupils. Download it here.

Monday, 17 February 2020

愛爾蘭週, 詩+音樂會 The Poetry and Music event in celebration with Seachtain na Gaeilge

We are delighted to sponsor for this event and glad that some of our pupils will be taking part to read the poems and etc.