Sunday, 10 February 2019

#ChineseNewYear collage project

January has always been students' favorite month of the year as they get to take on the traditional arts and crafts each week!  Our #ChineseNewYear  curriculum in 2019 was as below:
Week 1
Chinese New Year song (12 zodiac)
Story telling & game
CNY collage project 1
Chinese painting – pig 2019 and 招財進寶 (bring in the fortune and treasure)

Week 2
Chinese New Year song (恭喜Gongxi)
CNY collage project 2
Paper cutting – 立體春 3D spring + 鞭炮 (peanut form) +春錢 spring (save) money

Week 3
Chinese New Year song
CNY collage project 3
小豬捏面人 dough figurine (pig of course)

Week 4
CNY collage project 4
小豬紅包/小豬摺紙 Piggy origami and piggy red pocket

Week 5
Party & feast
Practice chopsticks and fortune cookies challenge
Radish year cake (蘿蔔糕) and fortune cake (發糕)workshop
CNY Prezi presentation and feast
Table quiz  and the winning team get 大紅包(big fat red envelops)

說吉祥話你拿紅包Lucky greetings and receive red envelops