Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Certificate 獎狀 jiǎng zhuàng

Giving exams, correcting papers, collecting data, grading pupils, give parents reports and printing certificates are not fun at all. But hey, it means the summer holiday is coming soon!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Chinese puppets 布袋戲 bù dài xì

These puppets are great assets to our school as children loved playing with them. They enjoyed the stories and practice lines for their puppet show.  

Thank you all very much for coming to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with us. I hope you enjoyed the food, games and chat.
Special thanks to Jessica BirdJane ByrneNell LinYafen Tsai, Amy Hsu for making delicious food. Also, thanks to Emiel BrennanMandy Reilly and Denise for helping me to make 200+ Zongzi. Mission accomplished!!
I also need to say thanks to all the volunteers who serve drinks, food and games. Thank you all!

Please do share your photos with us on our Facebook page. Thank you and see you next year!!

杯子歌 bēi zǐ gē

我  拿了 我    的 車   票      要      遠  走
wǒ ná le wǒ de chē piào yào yuǎn zǒu 
可樂  兩       瓶   來   跟   著  我
kě lè liǎng píng lái gēn zhe wǒ
我   肯    定     想       要  你來 陪   我
wǒ kěn dìng xiǎng yào nǐ lái péi wǒ 
我    明     天    離開,你說呢
wǒ míng tiān lí kāi    nǐ shuō ne
當     我   走了
dāng wǒ zǒu le 
當     我   走了
dāng wǒ zǒu le 
我  走  了 你   將    會      想   我
wǒ zǒu le nǐ jiāng huì xiǎng wǒ
你會     想      念    我的髮
nǐ huì xiǎng niàn wǒ de fà
你會    想      念     我一切
nǐ huì xiǎng niàn wǒ yī qiē 
我  走   了  你 將    會      想我
wǒ zǒu le nǐ jiāng huì xiǎng wǒ