Friday, 6 September 2019

開學囖!Kāixué lo! The class is back!

Our first term is starting on Saturday 14th Sept. from 1-3pm for 14 weeks with mid term break on 2nd Nov and the last class is on 21st Dec. The fee for this term is 140 euro, 10% discount apply for siblings.
The certificate will be awarded at the end of the year base on the scores that are made of the following criteria: attendance, classroom performance, home work and exam at the end of each term.
The first week will cover introduction, assessment and after the break, we will be doing the dough figurine workshop and a little celebration for the mid autumn festival. As the numbers enrolled was small this year, quite a few expressed the interests in culinary art for the immersion class so we will run more culinary workshop but will include other interests too from time to time. See you next Saturday!