Friday, 24 April 2015

Comics and Instagram in the class

Comics fun! We took a paragraph and turn it into comics. Children really enjoyed this activity, a great way to learn! 
DSMC Instagram

DSMC's summer camp 2015

2015 Mandarin summer camp will be hold for one week only from 6th to 10th July this year. The popular hands on routines such as Chinese arts and crafts & Chinese culinary are there but our main theme for this year would be DIY toys so book your child/children's places now. Detail timetable will be out soon.


Take my Voki avatar's challenge! See how many questions can you answer in 60 seconds! A great tool to engage children and encourage them to create one too!
Take the Voki challenge!


Kahoot is a classroomj response system which create an engaging learning space through quiz and etc.  I made another Kahoot Quiz game for Happy Chinese learners. Go on, I dare you to take on the quiz challenge!
Have fun!

Create a fun class by make a short play

Most children love role play. I divided the children into groups and tell them to make a short play according to the content of lesson. I told them it's a competition to make it even more interesting. First I asked them to draw different props, then they need to decide among themselves for each role. I gave them few minutes to practice.
Here's a video of one group I recorded.