Saturday, 19 May 2012


We are so excited that we will be celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival (端午節 duān wǔ jié) in style this year!
You are invited to a very special party to celebrate the mid summer with us.
The school is planning a lot of fun activities for families and you will also have the opputinity to meet some Mandarin speaking community here so now its the time to show off your Mandarin Chinese!

The activities include story about this festival, making/tasting 粽子 zòng zǐ (savoury glutinous rice wrap in bamboo leaves), making paper dragon boat 龍舟 lóng zhōu, paper dragon boat race 划龍舟比賽  huá lóng zhōu bǐ sài, game of making the egg stand 立蛋 lì dàn, goodie bag, Taiwanese/Chinese tea/food and etc. Watch this space!

The school wil be running its first ever summer camp 夏令營 xià lìng yíng
which will be running for the first two weeks of July (2ndto 13th), 10-2 so 4 hours per day Mon to Fri. I have invited a Chinese teacher from another school to run this with me.

The cost is 100 euro per child per week. This is aim to be a 90% immersion camp with conversational skills. The activities include games, singing, dancing, varies culture/Chinese cooking workshops, story & video, speech & drama project and outdoor games. Detailed time table will be available soon.

Please book a place for your child/children by reply this email as you know I have very limited space. Xiexienin.

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