Friday, 11 January 2013

Mandarin Chinese Learning Apps

From the activity of “story chain” we have this week, I learnt that many children got brilliant gadgets for Christmas so I thought to make the most of it (Maximise the screen time!!!), I should recommend a few FREE apps to you.

These series of audio books are called Kung-Fu Chinese, they are popular children stories (i.e. Noah’s ark etc). The pain I found is each app is one story only.

Children’s Chinese reader.  This app has 39 short lessons with phrases and games.

Mandarin Madness (learn lots of words and phrases via gaming)

Discovering Chinese - Mandarin for Beginners

By Better Chinese

Google translate

You can download Google pinyin IME or similar if you haven’t got the Chinese input methods on your gadget already.

There’re 4 courses you can take online and found it quite good myself. The apps are not available yet I am afraid.

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