Wednesday, 12 February 2014

幸運餅乾 xingyun bingan (fortune cookies)

To celebrate the end of Chinese new year.
Children were given a fortune cookie.
One asked: where was fortune cookies came from?
I said: from Lidl!!
Then asked: why it's called fortune cookie?

Out of blue, I must admit I haven't a clue but I said: Chinese people like to go to the fortune teller to seek references for their futures. And I guess that's why fortunes cookies was invented.

Now that I looked up the wonderful Google.

I am so wrong! 

If you remember the character Mandarin in Iron Man 3, he said: true story about fortune cookies. They look Chinese, they sound Chinese, but they are actually an American invention. Which is why they are hollow, full of lies and leave bad taste in the mouth. 

He also said: fortune cookies aren't even Chinese, they are made by American, based on a Japanese recipe.

Here's the piece about fortune cookie. :-)

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