Sunday, 28 October 2018

What phrases with 鬼 gui (ghost) in Chinese are silly, funny and rude? 😜

Learn some silly phrases that are associated with 鬼 gui (ghost) this Halloween.

死鬼 (dead ghost, often refer to husband as "honey" )
小鬼 (little ghost, often refer to children )
鬼話 (ghost speech, often refer to gibberish)
膽小鬼 (gallbladder small ghost, coward)
鬼佬 (ghost fellow, refer to pale looking foreigner)
吸血鬼 (sucking blood ghost, blood sucking vampire)
鬼臉 (ghost face, refer to funny faces)
鬼牌 (ghost card, joker in the poker cards)
見鬼 (saw ghost, nonsense, bullshit)

Here're some bingo templates.

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